Appellate Advocacy

The judge isn't always right.

If you need to appeal a court decision, or defend against an appeal from a successful outcome, our Baltimore appellate attorneys will zealously advocate for you.

What is appellate advocacy?

You expect powerful results from the legal system, but sometimes the courts return unfavorable rulings or your successful outcome has been appealed. Since 1969, clients have trusted Winegrad, Hess & Heimlicher, LLC, attorneys at law, to handle all forms of appeals, whether from the district or circuit courts to the courts of appeal or from administrative agencies, including the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings. Our appellate lawyers routinely prepare thorough legal briefs and present persuasive oral arguments in an effort to passionately protect our clients’ interests in the appellate courts in Maryland.

The Appellate Advocacy Team

Stephen S. Winegrad
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Rory N. Parks
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