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How to Select an Attorney

How to Select an Attorney Retaining an attorney to represent you in a legal matter is an important step in protecting your legal rights, but how you select an attorney is just as important. There are many factors to consider in making this choice, and no single one should dictate your decision. Here are some

Real Estate Legislative Update

Eighty-one (81) bills related to real property laws in the State of Maryland were introduced in the General Assembly during the 2018 Legislative Session. A large portion of our real estate practice relates to homeowners associations and condominium associations. There are six (6) bills of interest related to this practice. The following laws became effective

Child Custody & Support

Child Custody & Support Child custody and support are two of the most important issues that parents who have separated or divorced face. The law in Maryland is simple concerning these issues, although applying the law is sometimes very difficult. The concept of “custody” really involves two issues. One is “legal” custody and the other

Wills & Estates

Did you know that in Maryland, if you die without a will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with Maryland law? If you are married, without children, this means that your spouse may not inherit all of your property. It may actually go in part to your parents or siblings. This may not be

Advance Directive (Living Will)

Most people do not like to think or talk about “living wills.” We know what they are but think we will never need to have one. We never expect that a life-threatening illness will strike us or our family. But it happens, and if it does a living will, or Advance Directive, will let you

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